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Note: (1) Some dates (i.e. births, deaths, marriages) are shown as a pair of years such as: 1742/1743. This is due to a difference in calendar dating systems (Julian vs. Gregorian). In most cases, the latter date represents the common usage.(2) The relationship status for nobility is constantly being updated and/or changed as more people are added. In particular, listings which indicate my own degree of relationship with certain individuals becomes increasingly more difficult the farther away they are. In general, however, direct relationships such as grandparents, aunts/uncles, etc., are always consistent.
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In dieser surname Liste ist eigentlich alles vertreten, was im *alten* Württemberg Rang und Namen hatte, bis zu den Karolingern, also bis zu Karl dem Grossen (um 800), und zwar nicht nur auf einem Weg, sondern auf Hunderten von verschiedenen Wegen. Verwandt bin ich auch mit den Poeten Goethe, Schiller, Friedrich Hölderlin und Wilhelm Hauff sowie vielen anderen Geistesgrössen aus dem badischen und württembergischen Land. Die Renz und Stockmayer Familien waren Regierungsbeamte und Pastorenfamlien von hohem sozialem Stand im Herzogtum und später Königreich Württemberg. 

Major families in this list of surnames include the old nobility of Württemberg, their titles featuring the Karolingers up through Karl the Great (ca. 800), to which I am connected to in hundreds of different ways. My relations also include the famous poets Goethe, Schiller, Friedrich Hölderlin, Wilhelm Hauff, etc. as well as many other well known scholars. The Renz and Stockmayer families were government officials and pastor families of high social status in the duchy and later Kingdom of Württemberg. 

Special thanks go to my mother for keeping track of our family bible, and to my great grandmother for having kept records in it. I would like to particularly thank: Norbert and Karin Gastel, Gerhard Gastel, Prof. Genealogist Klaus Siefert, Christian Vieser, Kurt-Walter Friedrich, Ortsheimatpfleger Heiko Völker, Mariam Cheshire, Harvey Lineback, Denis Graham, Horst Görlich, Dan Pomerleau,  Dipl. Bibliothekar Guenter Todt, and Klaus F. Augustiny for their valuable help and last but not least Prof.Dr. Günther Schweizer and Professional Genealogist Leo van de Pas who made my dreams come true, and of course, Fred Lloyd (my husband) who wrote these pages and the software which creates them. 

Most of the royal genealogy information in this surname list was obtained from:


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